Frsky Turnigy 9xr Pro Remote Controller Transmitter

Frsky Turnigy 9xr Pro Remote ...

Specially designed for Frsky transmitter, Incorporate CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 CYRF6936 RF module in one single PCB board, supports more than 10 different protocols, such as Frsky, Flysky, WLtoys V2x2, Hubsan, Hisky and so on.
Control basically all of you toy-grade quad (Syma X1 X5C X8C X11 CX-10, H8C, Hubsan H107C H107D JXD 395 JJR/C 1000 X1 H21 H22 MJX X600 WLtoys V966 V262 V666 V676, to name a few) with one transmitter.
For this 4 in 1 module to work, soldering is required, if you're not comfortable with soldering, please practice first or have someone else to do it for you.
High quality and durable in use.
Features PA(Power Amplifier) and LNA(Low Noise Amplifier) for best performance.

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