Ethernet W5100 R3 Shield Network Board Supports MEGA (Works with Official Arduino Board)

Ethernet W5100 R3 Shield Network ...

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Color Deep Blue Brand N/A Model W5100 R3 Quantity 1 Piece Material FR4 English Manual / Spec No Other Features Arduino Ethernet expansion board allows Arduino controller connected to the network . It is a built- WizNet W5100 TCP / IP microprocessor expansion board . This board arduino board connected by a long row of pin female (wire-wrap header). Use the Ethernet library Arduino IDE program can easily connected to the network. The expansion board supports simultaneous four socket connections. And R3 version of subsection expansion board also added 1.0 Standard Edition output port by the four additional ports consisting of: two located on the edge of ARFF�� two located on the edge of RESET. RESET edge of the two ports�� one is IOREF�� used to make the expansion board to adapt the motherboard. Another empty port reserved for possible future expansion. The latest version of this section to add micro-SD card slot�� with a network storage feature. In addition�� the Arduino Duemilanove�� Mega series is also fully compatible with it. It also has a separate PoE (power-over-Ethernet) modules. The module can be soldered to the motherboard�� so to transmit electricity through the twisted pair. This is in line with IEEE802.3af standard and is compatible with existing PoE module. Technical Specifications: 1. Compatible with Arduino Mega2560/Uno rev3 standard output port. 2. With active voltage converter features micro-SD card connector. Packing List 1 x Module